The Start

Cora has been doing makeup since 2010.  Her love for makeup sparked her interest in the Esthetic Program at the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness in The Third Ward, Milwaukee.  She graduated in 2012 and started her career on the East Side practicing waxing, facials, and bridal makeup. 


​Cora worked for a facial and waxing boutique after her first job as an Esthetician where she perfected her skills in waxing to bring you fast, less irritated waxes with as little discomfort as possible.  She is also a pro with ingrown hairs and irritation, to help guide every client to smooth skin. 

She started CORA Beauty + Spa in 2015 in Cathedral Square, Downtown Milwaukee 


​CORA Beauty + Spa

Since opening CORA Beauty and Spa, Cora has been the go to location providing  Milwaukee areas the best Lash Lift services.  She was the first provider to be trained in WI in 2015 and has conitnued her education in Lashing ever since.  She offers Full Lash Extensions and her own hybrid service, The ULTIMATE Lash Lift.   She has many monthly clients for her famously fast bikini waxes and more.


Cora has trained in New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Milwaukee, and more.  She has taken continuing courses in Waxing, Facials, Makeup, and Lashing.  She has completed YONKA Facial Trainings, Borboleta Classic Lash Extension Trainings, Elleebana Lash Lift Technician Certification, has a Wisconsin Esthetician License and is registered as a Certified Aesthetic Establishment.   Cora believes there is always more to learn with her proffession. 

Lake Geneva

We are excited to bring the best LASH SERVICES in the area!  Come visit us in the Landmark Center, Main Street, Lake Geneva in our quaint space.  We are experts at speed waxing, lash artistry, and bridal services!

Lay back, relax, and get LASHED!